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This world makes you crazy

Création vidéo de la collection BarbiTees Violette Aupetit


This world makes you 




Just for a second, imagine, to be in the absolute darkness, to can see only with your heart, without judging, just being our true self. In that precious moment, we can see the true colours in our hearts and embrace the beauty of it. 


We all have our dark side, the side of us, what we are afraid to show, the part of us, that we keep hidden by fear of being what, different ? Why is that so bad ? I used to believe that I’m weird, the kid who doesn’t belong, just because I have an opinion, the way I see the world ? After everything i've been through I still believe in people, in equality, in peace… in love. 


Today I’m embracing my dark side, ‘cause it helps me to fight and be stronger. So fuck the judgements, let’s be, who we wanna be, with all weird parts, it makes us unique in the most precious way. 


The collection “This world makes you crazy” is a celebration of life, of love. Inspired by my friends, artists around me, who live for their passions. Because life without art would be hopeless. Every artist has a muse, so do I. I hope he knows. I believe he knows.